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Services we offer

We cover a comprehensive range of plumbing services.

Our skilled engineers are on hand to assist you, whether you have something as simple as a stiff tap, leaking pipe or if would like a complete bathroom installation.



Boiler and Appliance Installation

Capital Heating & Plumbing installation department specialises in the installation of all gas appliances.

Be it from a gas or fire right through to a complete heating system.

We are very versatile in our approach to suit the needs of any customer. We are able to fully install and commission all natural gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) and electrical powered appliances.

For your reassurance, all our Gas Safe engineers carry ID cards, have been CRB checked and are happy to work in your home alone. We also know that you don’t want to clean up after us, so to protect your home we use dust sheets, shoe covers and will vacuum your boiler too.



Gas Boilers, Combi Boilers we fix them all

Is your boiler in need of fixing. Does your boiler misbehave on a regular basis and is driving you up the wall.

we are specialists in gas boiler repairs, we will whip that boiler into shape providing you with heat and hot water even on those coldest of winter nights.

Your radiators and central heating system is one of those things that is only thought about when they go wrong. We understand its not much fun sitting around cold and shivering when the boilers on the blink. We will do our best to be with you as soon as possible to repair that boiler so you and your family can sit in your own home in warmth and comfort.


Combi boiler repair

Combi boilers, are used to combine the central heating with domestic hot water in one unit. when these units fail it could be something simple or complicated you do need an expert to take a look. we are the experts in combi boiler repairs in Doncaster. Give us a call today

Need your boiler repaired fast we are specialists in Emergency Boiler repairs

We operate 24/7 around the clock so what ever time your boiler breaks down you can be sure that we can get to you as soon as humanly possible



Capital Heating & Plumbing Services cover a comprehensive range of plumbing services.

Our skilled engineers are on hand to assist you, whether you have a stiff tap, leaking pipe or would like a complete bathroom installation.


General plumbing services we provide:


 • Tanks

 • Air locks

 • Burst pipes

 • Repairing leaks

 • Washing machine

 • Dish washers

 • Refrigeration


For all your plumbing needs no matter how big or small, call us on 0208 249 0322

and be confident you will receive a quality expert service .



Whatever your lifestyle or taste, we can create a bathroom that's right for you. We can supply a vast range of bathrooms of the highest quality with bathroom fixtures and decorations.
We will not only allow you to create a bathroom that reflects your lifestyle and budget but will let you explore different options so you can truly personalize your bathroom and create a unique and relaxing room for your home.
With a wide range of well known brands and differing styles you can blend any collections to suit you from luxurious decadence or a bathroom that the whole family can enjoy with the products you choose that will fit into your life.
From fresh modern suites to sleek taps, radiator collections from horizontal and vertical design, showers and towel warmers, you can create your own sanctuary that truly reflects your lifestyle.

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